Environmental Resources


                              Government agencies

(Canada) Natural Resources Canada
Czech Republic Ministry of Environment
Iowa (US) Department of Natural Resources (FTP site)
Louisiana (US) Department of Environmental Quality
Montana (US) Natural Heritage Program
Ohio (US) Environmental Protection Agency
Pennsylvania (US) Environmental Agencies
Tasmania (Australia) Department of Environment and Land Management
(UK) Department of the Environment
(UK) Natural Environment Research Council
(US) Bureau of Reclamation
(US) Center for Coastal Ecosystem Health
(US) Department of Energy Guide to Sustainable Development
(US) Environmental Protection Agency
(US) Fish and Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge System
(US) National Biological Service Environmental Management Technical Center
(US) National Wetlands Inventory
Victoria (Australia) Environmental Protection Authority


                            Miscellaneous resources

American Rivers

Coalition for Safer Cleaner Vehicles
CSCV is a not-for-profit association of government, industry and other
associations focused on promoting mobile source polution reduction and safety
improvements for vehicles and highways.

>From the site - "Eco-Home is just what its name implies: an environmental
demonstration home which consumes very little water, energy, or anything else
for that matter. It produces very little waste or pollution. They have a gray
water system, solar hot water heating, a photovoltaic array, three bin
composter, garden/orchard on drip irrigation, Xeriscaped front yard, and much

EcoNet serves organizations and individuals working for environmental
preservation and sustainability. EcoNet builds coalitions and partnerships with
individuals, activist organizations and non-profit organizations to develop
their use of the electronic communications medium.

Ecotrust is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1991 to promote
conservation-based development, beginning in the temperate rain forests of
North America.

Environment and nature links [Yahoo]

Environmental Law WWW Site [Steven M Taber]
>From the site - "Steven M. Taber, an environmental law partner with Chicago,
Illinois, law firm of Ross &Hardies is pleased to offer this site to provide
information regarding environmental law to environmental professionals and all
other people interested in environmental law."

Friends of the Santa Clara River
FSCR is a non-profit, public interest organization dedicated to the protection,
enhancement and management of the resources of the Santa Clara River.

Great Lakes Regional Environmental Information System
The Great Lakes Regional Environmental Information System is a regional
environmental directory and data access system being developed with support
from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Green Plan Center [Resource Renewal Institute]
The Resource Renewal Institute (RRI) promotes Green Plans as the path to a
sustainable environment and economy. Green Plans are dynamic programs by which
all elements of society agree on long-term environmental goals and take
responsibility for achieving them.

International Arid Lands Consortium
The IALC is an independent, nonprofit research organization supporting
ecological sustainability in arid and semiarid lands worldwide.

Land Use and Global Environmental Change [CIESIN]
>From the site - "This guide has been developed to help you find selected key
documents and data sets pertaining to the relationship between land use and
global environmental change."

Leeds Environment Centre

New England Light Pollution Advisory Group [Harvard University]
The New England Light Pollution Advisory Group (NELPAG) is a volunteer group
founded for the purpose of educating the public on the virtues of efficient,
glare-free outdoor night lighting.

Trail & bicycle path planning documents (1) [University of Minnesota]

Urban forestry planning documents (1) [University of Minnesota]

Urban forestry planning documents (2) [University of Minnesota]


                            Sustainable development

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), located in
downtown Washington, DC, is dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy,
energy efficiency, the environment, and sustainable development.

Chattanooga Sustainable Development Home Page [Chattanooga Online]

Communications for a Sustainable Future
>From the site - "CSF was founded on the idea that computer networking should be
used to enhance communications with the objective of working through disparate
views and ideologies to secure a more promising future. The contents of the
archives and the quality of communications on the CSF lists are intended to
reflect this purpose." POOR BACKGROUND IMAGE

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
The mission of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
(CGIAR) is to harness modern science for the sustainable development of
agriculture in developing countries.

Earth Pledge Foundation
The Earth Pledge Foundation was established to promote the vision of
sustainable development that emerged from the Earth Summit, held in Rio de
Janeiro in 1992, as well as the Earth Pledge created at the Summit. INTERLACED

Global Environmental Options - Sustainable Design and Development
This home page is a clearinghouse of information on sustainability, the built
environment, sustainable communities, and sustainable economic development.
Global Environmental Options is a non-profit organization.

Linkages [IISD]
Linkages is provided by the International Institute for Sustainable Development
(IISD), publishers of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. It is designed to be an
electronic clearing-house for information on past and upcoming international
meetings related to environment and development.

Nova Scotia Environment and Development Coalition
>From the site - "Founded in 1987, the Nova Scotia Environment & Development
Coalition works for sustainable communities the world over. Through research,
education and advocacy, we highlight the connections among ecology, community
economics and social justice issues, and between the North (Developed nations)
and the South (Developing Nations)."

Solstice - Sustainable energy and development online
>From the site - "Welcome to Solstice, the site for energy efficiency, renewable
energy, and sustainable technology information and connections."

Sustainable Architeture
This is an archive of information about sustainable architecture: ecologic
planning, design, integrated architecture and landscaping for tropical,
sub-tropical or temperate climates.

Sustainable Development Gopher [civic.net]

Sustainable Development Information Network (Gopher)

SDIN is an project of The Center for Civic Networking, to provide online
resources to support sustainable development at local and regional levels.

Technology for a Sustainable Future

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