Housing Resources

    Cohousing Gopher [Unified Communications]
    Cohousing information [UC Davis]
    Co-op on the Web
    Eco-Hab International
    Energy Efficient Housing in Canada [University of Alberta]
    Habitat For Humanity - Case Western Reserve
    Habitat For Humanity - UI Urbana/Champaign
    Habitat For Humanity - Metro Toronto
    Habitat For Humanity - Monterey County
    Habitat For Humanity - North Carolina State University
    Habitat For Humanity - Ohio Northern University
    Habitat For Humanity - San Jose
    Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division [US Census]
    (US) Housing and Urban Development Gopher (1)
    (US) Housing and Urban Development Gopher (2)
    (US) HUD Resident Initiatives Clearinghouse
    Infill Housing Factsheet [Greenbelt Alliance]
    Intentional Communities [The Well]
    Public Housing in Singapore [u2132994@keystone.arch.unsw.edu.au]
    TenantNet [Tenant Watch]
    Virginia Center for Housing Research [Virginia Tech]

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