Land Use and Zoning Resources

Electronic Easement (property law info) [University of Alberta]
The purpose of The Electronic Easement is to provide a convenient means through
which law teachers interested in the areas of property and trusts can
communicate with each other and share information.

Environmental Law WWW Site [Steven M Taber]

Greenbelt Alliance
The Greenbelt Alliance is the Bay Area's citizen land conservation
organization. Founded in 1958, it is dedicated to protecting the region's
Greenbelt of open space and making Bay Area communities better places to live.

Land Use and Global Environmental Change [CIESIN]
This guide has been developed to show selected key documents and data sets
pertaining to the relationship between land use and global environmental

Land Use Law Materials [Cornell University Law School]

Oregon Land Use Information Center [University of Oregon]
This site contains information about Oregon's land use program, including
Oregon Statewide Planning Goals.

Planning Commissioners Journal
The Planning Commissioners Journal is a quarterly publication designed for
people who serve on local planning and zoning boards and for all citizens
interested in local planning issues.

Takings Resource Page [Planning Commissioners Journal]


                          Land use ordinances/by-laws

Belmont (CA) Zoning Ordinance
This page contains links to text and compressed files containing all chapters
of the Belmont Zoning Ordinance.

Doa Ana County (NM) Land Use Regulations and Zoning Ordinance Draft
Outside the extraterritorial zoning area of the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico,
most of rural Dbut rapidly growing Doa Ana County is unzoned. This is a recent
draft of the first proposed zoning ordinance for the county.

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