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    E+D - Environment and Disasters
    Risk Reduction, focussing on pre-disaster prevention and mitigation

    Hari Srinivas
    Continuing Research Series E-018. June 2015

    The impacts of disasters, whether natural or man-made, not only have human dimensions, but environmental ones as well. Environmental conditions may exacerbate the impact of a disaster, and vice versa, disasters have an impact on the environment. Deforestation, forest management practices, agriculture systems etc. can exacerbate the negative environmental impacts of a storm or typhoon, leading to landslides, flooding, silting and ground/surface water contamination.

    This special feature of GDRC's programme on Urban Environmental Management explores the cyclical and intrinsic linkages between good (or bad) environmental management on one hand, and disaster prevention and mitigation.

    A disaster event is, after all, an indicator that something is not right with our environment ...
    The majority of risks and vulnerabilities that humans are facing have environmental precedences, whether natural or built environments. Human production and consumption patterns lead to environmental degradation, that results in exacerbation of natural risks and hazards.
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