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     Offline Planning Journals:
  1. Annals of Regional Science
  2. Applied Geography
  3. Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development
  4. Australian Planner (Royal Australian Planning Institute)
  5. Cities
  6. Community Development Journal
  7. Computer, Environment and Urban Systems
  8. Development
  9. Developments (American Resort Development Association)
  10. Development Policy Review
  11. EAROPH Bulletin (Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Housing)
  12. Economic Geography
  13. Ekistics
  14. Environment and Planning
  15. Environment and Urbanization
  16. Environmental Impact Assessment Review
  17. Environmental Management
  18. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
  19. Environmental Pollution
  20. Environmental Professional
  21. Environmental Research
  22. Environmental Science and Technology
  23. Ergonomics
  24. Habitat International
  25. Habitat News (United Nations Centre for Human
  26. Settlements (UNCHS)
  27. Housing and Planning Review
  28. Indian Journal of Regional Science
  29. InfoTEXT (Information Technology Division, American Planning Association)
  30. INTA Newsletter (International Urban Development Association)
  31. Interlink (ASEAN Association for Planning and Housing)
  32. International Development Abstracts
  33. International Journal for Housing Science and Its Applications
  34. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
  35. International Labour Review
  36. Interplan (International Division, American Planning Association)
  37. Journal of the American Planning Association
  38. Journal of Asian Studies
  39. Journal of Developing Areas
  40. Journal of Development Economics
  41. Journal of Development Planning
  42. Journal of Development Studies
  43. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship
  44. Journal of Environmental Managemen
  45. Journal of Housing Economics
  46. Journal of Peasant Studies
  47. Journal of Property Research
  48. Journal of Regional Science
  49. Journal of Rural Development
  50. Journal of Social Studies
  51. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  52. Journal of Urban and Regional Development Studies (RURDS)
  53. Journal of Urban Economics
  54. Journal of Urban Planning and Development (ASCE)
  55. Journal (Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning)
  56. Land Development (National Association of Home Builders)
  57. Land Use Policy
  58. Livability (Partners for Liveable Places)
  59. Modern Asian Studies
  60. Nation's Cities Weekly: Urban Affairs (National League of Cities)
  61. Network (International Society of City and Regional Planners)
  62. Newsletter (International City/County Management Association)
  63. Open House International
  64. Plan Canada (Canadian Institute of Planners)
  65. Planer/in (Vereinigung fuer Stadt-, Regional- und Landesplanung) [Germany]
  66. Planners Network (Planners Network)
  67. Planning (American Planning Association)
  68. Planning Quarterly (New Zealand Planning Institute)
  69. Planning Week (Royal Town Planning Institute) [United Kingdom]
  70. Prospect (International Federation for Housing and Planning)
  71. Regional Development Dialogue
  72. Regional Science and Urban Economics
  73. Regional Studies
  74. Revista Interamericana de Planificacion (Interamerican Planning Society)
  75. Rural Development Abstracts
  76. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography
  77. Social Research
  78. Third World Planning Review
  79. Town and Regional Planning (South African Institute of Town and Regional Planners)
  80. Town & Country Planning (Town and Country Planning [United Kingdom]
  81. Urban Abstract
  82. Urban Age (The World Bank)
  83. Urban Land (Urban Land Institute)
  84. Urban Studies
  85. Urbanistica (Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica) [Italy]
  86. Western Planner Journal (Internet)
  87. World Development
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