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Localizing Agenda 21
Monitoring and Evaluation

Implementation of the LA21 Action Plan is not a one-shot affair, but is indeed a continuous cyclical process, where each step strengthens and feeds on to the next step. Hence monitoring and evaluation of the results achieved is very important at all steps and levels of the implementation and management processes.

The indicators identified and included in the Action Plan are to be used in determining the achievements of the Plan. The baseline conditions measured in the the first step should be monitored for progress. Positive and negative environmental, social, economic and cultural aspects of the local environment should also be monitored and periodically evaluated for its effects on local conditions and individual/household health.

Besides monitoring physical and social indicators of the local environment, it is necessary to measure and evaluate the level of committment, cooperation and participation of all the stakeholders - the local government, busindess and industry, and local communities.

Indicators for pollution levels, environmental awareness, resource use, transportation systems, urban biodiversity etc. can be used for this purpose. The specific indicators used for monitoring and evaluation depend largely on the key issues identified for planning. The choice of indicators have to be agreed upon by all the partners, initially measured for baseline conditions, and then monitored for progress in Management.

The process of monitoring and evaluation should be collaborative and participative, as illustrated in the previous steps - so that recommendations made are accepted and implemented in future activities. They can also form the basis of further brain-storming and visioning exercises. Sharing of ideas and best practices as this is also related to communication, knowledge dissemination and transperancy.

To measure and evaluate the progress of implementation process of the Local Agenda 21 Plan

Reports and recommendations of the monitoring and evaluation exercises.

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Localizing Agenda 21
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