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Design for Environment

Materials Extraction

Guideline Reason
Avoid or minimise use of hazardous, toxic or in any other way environmentally unfriendly materials. Decrease toxic and/or hazardous emissions in later life stages and/or decrease harmful emissions during production
Avoid materials with a high energy content (Aluminium) Decrease the amount of energy used during extraction and/or production
Use materials which are renewable, recyclable and/or recycled, minimise use of thermosets or mixed polymers Decrease the amount of non-renewable materials to be extracted from the earth
Design products in a way that reduces material use, use better design instead of over- dimensioning Decrease the amount of materials to be extracted from the earth
Design for minimum waste production during production Decrease amount of material wasted during production
Minimise number of materials usedIncrease recyclability and ease the sorting process

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