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Design for Environment

Transport, distribution and packaging

Optimise efficiency transport modes following these rules:
  1. transport by container ship or train is preferable over transport by lorry
  2. transport by air is to be avoided
Decrease energy use and emissions from transport and avoid environmentally harmful ways of transport (such as flight)
Minimise long distance transport by maximising work with local suppliers and markets Decrease long distance transport and all energy use and emissions from such source
Maximise efficiency of transportation by use of standardised transport packaging, bulk packaging, such as Europallets and transport of larger amounts of goods simultaneously Increase efficiency of transport
Minimise amount of packaging material and the number of (virgin) materials in the packaging. Decrease amount of material needed for packaging reduce contamnalia to aid the recycling of materials
Maximise use of refillable or reusable containers where appropriate Decrease amount of material needed for packaging by re-use of containers
Avoid use of non-appropriate materials for packaging such as, PVC and Aluminium Decrease amount of toxic, hazardous or also valuable materials in waste

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