Urban Skyline
Urban Environmental Management
Contacts, resources and organizations
The basic objective of this section on networking is to provide resources for collaboration and to share resources. The shortcomings of an entity can be overcome by partnering with another, towards a common, agreed goal.

What can you do on urban networks?
Information Access
Information Sharing
Information dissemination

awareness building
capacity development
common training
develop model frameworks
discuss methodologies
education and sensitization
exchange mutual advice
funding/financing sources
find expertise
impact analysis
info on urban projects
info on publications
institutional development
inter-client nets
internet resources
knowledge creation
legal/regulatory frameworks
monitoring + evaluation
mutual support
news & events info
performance measures
policy development
programme/project support
synthesis for media
training courses
training of trainers

Adopted from Workshop discussion, Sofia, Bulgaria,
April 9-11, 1997
UEMRI Guide to City Networks

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