Japanese Prefectures and Cities

Japanese Prefectures and Cities
Online information contained in City and Prefecture websites is usually in Japanese. While English information is available in many websites, it is very limited, and sometimes focussed only on foreign residents. If available, please click on the "English" button, in each website to obtain further info. Note that some city/prefecture websites contain info in Japanese only.

In most cases, the following formula can be used to get a city's or prefecture's URL:

For Cities: In the URL, "www.city.cityname.jp" replace 'cityname' with the name of the city you are searching. For example, Sapporo City's URL would become: http://www.city.sapporo.jp/. Some cities require the name of the prefecture to be also included. So, Hekinan City in Aichi Prefecture would have the URL: http://www.city.hekinan.aichi.jp/

For Prefectures: In the URL, "www.pref.prefecturename.jp" replace 'prefecturename' with the name of the prefecture you are searching. For example, Hokkaido Prefecture in the northenmost island, where Sapporo City is located, would have the URL: http://www.pref.hokkaido.jp/. Some of the smaller prefectures add a ".lg.jp" to their URL format.
This formula does not, of course, apply to all prefectures and cities. Some of them have unofficial, citizen's group-based homepages too.

47 Prefectures

A list of "Ordinance-designated cities" - cities that have been delegated most of the administrative powers and responsibilities thatwould normally be assigned to a nprefectural government:

  |  Sapporo   |  Sendai   |  Saitama   |  Chiba   |  Yokohama   |  Kawasaki   |  Sagamihara   |  Niigata   |  Shizuoka   |  Hamamatsu   |  Nagoya   |  Kyoto   |  Osaka   |  Sakai   |  Kobe   |  Okayama   |  Hiroshima   |  Kitakyushu   |  Fukuoka   |  Kumamoto  |  

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