Integrated Water Resources Management Activity List
1. Establish regional & catchment goals Short-term needs considering long-term factors Long-term needs considering short-term impacts
2. Comprehensive information base Obtain existing information and experience Combined available information with new data reflecting management needs
3. Projecting future conditions Predictions based on recent experience and goals Develop alternative scenarios reflecting alternative goals and investments
4. Governance Accept existing but review concepts that assist in new goals Analyze alternative concepts and opportunities for change
5. Strategy development Design activities consistent with multiple existing goals Consider alternative strategies and their relative value in achieving multiple objectives
6. Environmental integration Considered sustainability of projects in the context of present and likely policies on sustainability Develop integrated programs that optimally achieve multiple objectives to assure asset and environmental sustainability
7. Operating practices Assure coordination of present and proposed activities Create new efficient operating practices to optimize public service
8. Strengthen local capacity to implement IWRM

Optimize existing capacities to support IWRM goals Carry out diagnosis of capacity gaps and prioritize actions to strengthen those capacities considered to be strategic for improving sustainability of IWRM.
Source: Industry Sector Report for WSSD prepared by IWA
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