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Water and Megacities
A six point integrated water management strategy for Cities
  1. Local authorities need to carry out city wide water audits.
  2. Policies need to be introduced to stop the pollution of water sources and to protect watersheds.
  3. Local authorities need to use new technologies to minimise the amount of water lost through leakages and illegal connections.
  4. Socially sensitive pricing policies needs to be introduced which neither protect nor penalise the poor but remove any opportunity for prolifigate use.
  5. City authorities must involve industrialists and community groups to design innovative ways of recycling wastewater.
  6. Each city needs to set up an integrated strategy for demand management, including launching city wide campaigns to change people’s attitudes towards freshwater conservation.
Source: Press Release during the International Symposium on Water & Megacities; Sunday 19 March 2000, 9.00 to 13.00; Rhine Hall, Congress Centre, The Hague, Netherlands.
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