Alternate Names for Informal Credit

While the GDRC takes a "neutral" view of informal credit markets (ICMs) and highlights both its positive and negative aspects, literature reviews show a more diverse range of alternate names for the sector.

Informal Credit is known by different names in different countries. The particular name used actually reflects the attitudes and policy outlooks of that country, ranging from supportive to neutral to hostile. They also indicate the wide range of supplier types that can be found in the ICM.

  • Informal Credit Market - ADB, PIDS
  • Informal Financial Sector - Chandravarkar/SEACEM
  • Unorganized Money Market - SEACEM, Gopal Karkal
  • Non-Institutional Credit - Reserve Bank of India
  • Informal Financial Markets - USAID, World Bank, BIDS
  • Black Money - Reserve Bank of India
  • Indigenous Banking Sector - Bouman, Bhargawa, Jain
  • Traditional Financial Sector -
  • Parallel Money Markets - Das-gupta
  • Unorganized Financial Sector - Park, World Bank
  • Unregulated Banking System - Nayar, IFMAR
  • Underground Money Markets - Far Eastern Economic Review
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