Issues for Replication and Diffusion of Innovations
in Community Credit Mobilization and Microcredit Projects


Build the innovative capacity of local leaders and organizations
Support Experimentation.
Identify and document innovative apporaches
Disseminate innovative approaches in target areas
"Celebrate" and publicize innovations internationally
Create opportunity for peer-to-peer exchange
Create a forum for policymakers to learn about the innovations and consider opportunities for upscaling them or incorporating them into policy.
Bring together multisectoral groups around common problems or points of collaboration so that they may collectively generate, implement or replicate innovations.
Create recognition for the adapter so that he/she can feel motivation similar to that experienced by the original innovator.

Tools available:

  • awards programmes,
  • press campaigns,
  • placards, posters, notice boards,
  • media exercises (photographs, video, flims, articles),
  • non-formal activities: street dramas, etc.
  • newsletters, bulletins
  • documentation of case studies etc.
  • formal and informal group meetings,
  • forums/workshops,
  • site visits,
  • interviews,
  • minigrants,
  • internships,
  • training in leadership and other organiational/operational skills
  • surveys and other means of information gathering.

Yes, it is important, but how can awareness be built and information disseminated?

  • Use the local media, neworks, private sector, academic and professional associations to disseminate the message to reach out to local constituencies and the community at large.

  • Use local civic and political leaders to raise awareness on necessary legislative, instiutional or policy changes required to address the problem at hand.

  • Keep abreast of (and also request for) information provided by other sources and networks - regional, national and international.

Abstracted from various primary and secondary sources
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