Key Aspects of an E-Learning System

Hari Srinivas
Aspect Issues
Target Identification
  • Who is the eventual end-user?
  • What level does the end-user operate?
  • What is the scope of activities of the end-user?
  • What networks bring the end-users together?
  • What local institutions/organizations work with the end-user?
  • What do mandate and other guiding documents say of the end-user?
Needs Assessment Besides the above points,
  • What are the end-users' targets?
  • What are the end-user's objectives and goals?
  • What will be included in a needs-assessment questionnaire (keeping in mind that these assessment change depending on the end-users' targets, on the time scale, and scope/level of operation)?
Packaging Information
  • How can existing projects be 'redesigned' to generate info for e-learning products?
  • How will the above needs assessment exercise help in identifying the format of the e-learning package?
  • How can different information packages be developed from the same block of data/information of a project?
  • How can the information format be matched with the differing needs of the end-user?
  • How can the subsidiary of the information used in e-learning be maintained delivering the right info at the right time to the right level and the right end-user?
  • How can the info on e-learning products be delivered to the end-user?
  • What events can be used to disseminate e-learning meta-info, both online and offline?
  • How can effective networking serve the timely delivery of e-learning products?
Delivery Modalities
  • What appropriate information infrastructure needs to be developed for e-learning: online and offline?
  • What components of the e-learning products need to be on-line and what components be offline (eletronic and hardcopy)?
  • Depending on the target end-user, what will be the frequency, format and mode of delivery of the e-learning products?
Support Systems
  • Besides the main e-learning product, what kinds of support systems need to be put in place: ongoing during the course of e-learning; and follow-up as a continuous learning exercise?
  • What kinds of value-added resources be delivered to the main e-learning product in order to make it more relevant to different end-users - 'individualized' or 'regionalized'?
  • How will queries and comments/suggestions etc. from users be processed? How will it be used to enhance the quality of e-learning products/processes?
Monitoring and Evaluation
  • What will be the components of a M&E system?
    • Monitoring the end-user's use of the e-learning product itself
    • Monitoring the end-user's use of knowledge gained
    • Assessment of the quality/quantity of information/knowledge provided in the e-learning package

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