Examples of technology-based learning activities and interface design

Learning Activities Interface design
  1. guided multiple choice exercises
helpful hints that require the learner to analyze their answer
  1. stand-alone multiple choice
incremental feedback that increases with each step or answer
  1. simple fill in the blank responses
alternative choices that are based on their response
  1. move screen objects from one place to another
responses based on location of object(s) moved
  1. "hypertext" references
definitions or new pieces of content displayed
  1. clickable images
responses dependent on clicking correct images
  1. computer-guided learning sequence
responses appear through guided steps of a process
  1. simple presentation of examples and non-examples
based on correct identification of elements in a concept
  1. presentation of smaller questions of a larger problem
text-based is based on answers to simple questions
  1. problem presented with text, image, and audio narration
based on correct identification of elements in a concept

 Hari Srinivas - hsrinivas@gdrc.org
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