Tools to Enable Instructional Strategies

If you selected one of the following strategies ... ... then the following technology tools can help enable your strategies:
A. Conversing, Discussing e-mail, listservs, discussion boards, chat
B. Mentoring, Questioning, Supporting a Partner e-mail; live, synchronous camera(s) for mentor/mentee to discuss; chat room with white board, digital drop boxes for file sharing and written critiques
C. Debating e-mail, discussion boards, web sites that showcase controversies or experts with opinions and theories; use resources as the basis for discussion, such as
D. Impersonating, Role Playing asynchronous tools (i.e., e-mail, discussion boards, chat) or synchronous tools (i.e., Symposium, CU-SeeMe, live net-cams)
E. Sharing Data, Analyzing e-mail, listservs, spreadsheets, data analysis software
F. Developing a New Product or Artifact web page editors for students, e-mail and other communication tools, digital drop boxes for file sharing, server space to post projects online, tools that allow for voting on or attaching comments to students' work for the purpose of recognizing best or improving weak artifacts
G. Traveling Virtually, Situating Curriculum in the Context of Expeditions a significant grant budget may be required to create live expeditions, consisting of technology to upload live broadcasts to satellites and back down to Internet servers with live audio/video streams; alternatively, quests could be videotaped and delivered at a later time via standard Internet video streaming
H. Seeking, Collecting, Organizing, Synthesizing Online Information (Research) web resources, either individual pages related to a course, or entire archives from which students conduct research to identify topics of interest or relevance to assignments
I. Exploring Real World Cases and Problems web-page editors (e.g., Dreamweaver), photo editors (e.g., Photoshop), perhaps video editors (e.g., Premiere) and knowledge of video streaming for Internet (e.g., Real Producer)
J. Accessing Tutorials with Exercises, Quizzes, Questions, Online Drill-and- Practice for creating virtual exercises, knowledge of multimedia development programs (e.g., Director, Flash) and/or mechanisms for placing them on the Internet (e.g., Shockwave, Java)

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