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The Informal Sector
The Informal Sector by some other names ...
Many of the names by which the 'informal' sector is called - as listed below - essentially characterizes it in terms of what it is not: it is not the formal sector (non-formal), it is not controlled by the government (non-plan, hidden, unofficial, unrecorded), it is not legal (iilegal, black, shadow) and it is not taxable (unrecorded, parallel).

But recent research and exploration on the sector has resulted in a more benign approach, where the names and definitions have been used to define its broad and specific issues, for example:

  • labour - casual, family enterprise
  • poverty focus - subsistence, petty comodity, one-person entreprize
  • 'temporary' status - transient, intermediate

In reality, it is all of these names taken together, that help us understand the many characteristics of the sector!

Black Market
Casual Work
Clandestine Activities
Community of the Poor
Family-enterprise Sector
Gray Economy
Hidden Sector
Informal Economy
Informal Opportunities
Informal Sector
Intermediate Sector
Invisible Sector
Irregular Sector
Lower-circuit of the Urban Economy
Non-Plan Activities
Non-Westernized Sector
One-Person Enterprise
Parallel economy
People's Economy
Petty Commodity Production
Shadow Economy
Trade-Service Sector
Transient sector
Underground Economy
Unobserved Economy
Unofficial Economy
Unorganized Sector
Unrecorded Economic Activities
Unremunerated Sector
Unstructured Sector
Urban Subsistence Sector

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