GDRC's Learning Lab
The delivery of timely and packaged information at the right level to the right users has considerable externalities for a variety of purposes - in facilitating informed decision-making or in reducing unequal access to resources.

Recognizing the importance of this need, GDRC has interlinked the three programmes under GDRC's Information Sphere (Knowledge Management, Information Design, and information and communication technologies or ICTs) to form a 'Learning Lab"

The objectives of the Learning Lab are:

  • To understand the process of learning: Learning takes place at different levels and scales targetting different stakeholders and for different purposes
  • To learn from lessons learnt in developing GDRC's programmes: The 15 programmes of GDRC inthemselves provide an important opportunity for implementing and learning lessons in information and knowledge management
  • To develop systems of dissemination for effective learning and implementation:
are intrinsically linked together in a cyclical loop:

  • Knowledge Management: How do people actually learn? How do they use information? Who are these people?? People learn (a) to change behaviour or (b) to add to existing knowledge. How does GDRC's programme on KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT facilitate this?

  • Information Design: What is the main message we want to share? Which medium we want to use? What resource are we to use? Who are the main end-users? How can information be presented for this purpose? And how does GDRCs Programme on INFORMATION DESIGN facilitate this?

  • ICTs: What is the current thinking on information and communication technologies or ICTs? What information systems and software packages can be used to display and manage content? And how does GDRCs Programme on ICTs facilitate this?

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