Sustainable Development: Eploring Peace
The Global Development Research Center
GDRC and Peace

An Explainer

Hari Srinivas
Coordinator, GDRC

GDRCTwo themes underpin much of the work that GDRC does in its 15 research programmes. One is global environmental problems that we face today (and its local precedences such as waste management), and the other is the urban context where a majority of humanity live.

Therein lies the genesis of GDRC's approach to exploring the concept of Peace. Unsustainable access to natural resources and environmental degradation, including climate change, can lead (and has led) to conflicts and disruption of peace in communities and nations.

GDRC's programmes intrinsically look at peace more as an outcome of well-being and contentment, than the absence of conflict (acknowledging, of course, that both are equally important!).
GDRC's 15 research Programmes

Peace cuts across many of GDRC's core research programmes and sub-themes within those programmes:

What processes can alleviate the situation and lead to better liveability and well-being? How can we manage our better and reduce the risks that we face (both natural and man-made)? What structures would be ideal to manage our cities? How can we instill a sense of attachment, of "place" through ?

roles in peace building are critical for both of the themes that constitute peace - absence of conflict, but especially in well-being of societies. Much of the efforts of women in peace building remain underrecognised due to their local/micro scale - where indeed peace is most important!

There is a clear cyclical link between poverty reduction strategies and prevalence of peace. How can economic opportunities be provided with development policies or facilitate availability of to improve livelihoods?

And how can - awareness and knowledge dissemination, skills and abilities - help capacitate and activate communities to work towards their long-term well-being and peace?

Ultimately it will indeed be the move towards that will bring about lasting peace.

If you would like to see a particular peace-related theme to be explored within GDRC's programmes, please do get in touch with us at the email listed below.
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