Aims and Tools of
Good Urban Governance

Operationalizing good governance practise calls for an in-depth understanding the aims of governance, and the tools that can be used to achieve that aim. The tool to be used changes based on the stakeholders involved and the level of governance at which it is implemented.

Greater local participation and involvement
  • promotion of city identity and a sense of citizenship for all
  • public meetings, participatory planning and budgeting
  • city referenda and public petitioning
  • better democratic structures and culture
  • involvement of marginalised groups in the city systems.
Efficient urban management
  • taking account of all interests in promoting efficiency and better services
  • labour relations
  • efficient investment in infrastructure
  • delegation of decision taking to the lowest appropriate level
  • collaboration and partnerships, rather than competition
  • appropriate training to improve capacity of city officials
  • using information technology to best advantage
  • environmental planning and management carried out in co-operation with the citizens
  • disaster preparedness and crime control for safer environments.
Accountability/ transparency
  • monitoring of government activities by coalitions of outside organisations
  • rigorous accounting procedures
  • clear guidelines on conduct for leaders and officials that are enforced
  • open procurement and contracting systems
  • transparency in financial arrangements
  • disclosure of information
  • fair and predictable regulatory frameworks
  • independent and accessible complaints procedures
  • regular flow of information on key issues
  • a wide range of suppliers
  • regular and structured consultation with representative bodies from all sectors of society
  • including individuals in the decision making processes
  • access to government by all individuals and organisations
  • access to economic opportunity
  • protection of the rights of all groups

Source: Consultation on "New Frontiers in Good Urban Governance" held at the St. George's House, Windsor Castle, 27 - 29 June 2000, organized by the Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF).

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