Sustainable Tourism Info-Sheets
Key Ecotourism Terms

Canopy walkway
A constructed bridge walkway through the tree tops of a forest.

Conservation enterprises
Income generating activities that focus on conserving natural resources and ecosystems.

A dynamic complex of plant, animal, fungal and microorganism communities and their associated non-living environment interacting as an ecological unit.

Responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and sustains the livelihood of local people.

Ecotourism activities
Activities included in a tour that are designed to entertain clients and are coordinated by a professional guide or interpreter. Over 80 activities have been listed for ecotourism, such as birdwatching, hiking, diving, kayaking, participating in cultural events, photography, and mountaineering.

Ecotourism product
A combination of resources, activities, and services, which are sold and managed through professional tour operators.

Ecotourism resources
Natural and cultural features that attract visitors, such as landscapes, endemic or rare flora and fauna, cultural festivals, and historical monuments.

Ecotourism services
Tourism services such as transportation, food, lodging, guiding and interpretation services which cause minimal damage to the biological and cultural environments and promote a better understanding of the natural and cultural history of an area.

The level of species that occur naturally only in a specific region or site.

Individuals who have a vested interest in development, including community members; environmental, social, and community NGOs; natural resource, planning, and government officials; hotel owners, tour operators, guides, transportation providers, and representatives from other related services in the private sector.

Sustainable development
Development that meets the needs and aspirations of the current generation without compromising the ability to meet those of future generations.

Source: The Ecotravel Center

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