TUGI Report Card for Good Governance:
Cultural Heritage

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The TUGI Report Card for Good Governance is a simple and flexible tool which enables users to measure performance of the political and administrative institutions of the city, problems and challenges, and the effectiveness of their responses; impacts of local governance; and the degree of democratic participation in local governance.

The Report Card is aimed at encouraging and assisting urban local government institutions and their civil society and private sector partners in understanding and appreciating the need for good governance, regular assessment of their performance to determine and address the strengths and weaknesses of the city's political and administrative mechanisms, good methodologies and indicators of success.

The Good Governance Report Card is one way in which to participate and improve the governance of the city. Good governance, amongst other things, contributes to sustainable human development. Empowerment and participation are also key elements in good governance and sustainable human development.

By coming up with solutions and actions which involve all three stakeholders government, the private sector and civil society the Report Cards can encourage greater participation, responsiveness and accountability, which in itself is conducive to a healthier city.

Good governance promotes a culture of urban partnership that respects the needs and responsibilities of all stakeholders in terms of city processes including city planning, administration and governance, a readily available and regularly updated, comprehensive database to measure the status and trends of the city's governance and its impact, a constantly improving city governance which is responsive, responsible and accountable.

The Report Card is aimed at local authorities, specifically mayors, governors and city administrators; regional associations of cities or municipalities and relevant training and research institutes; relevant members of civil society; relevant institutions of the central government and the private sector; and international development agencies.

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