International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
INAISE is an international network of "social investors" which was created in 1989 by seven founding members - seven financial organisations who wished to share experience and work on common projects.

The explicit goal of the association and its members was, and still is, to foster and support the development of financial organisations which invest in enterprises of an ethical, ecological, cultural and self managing nature, including women s undertakings and enterprises run by ethnic minorities, in enterprises whose aims encompass the needs of disabled people, healthier living, peace and the Third World, in enterprises working within the social economy generally.

With time passing, other financial organisations with similar objectives have joined the association, building up a network of currently 41 member organisations, scattered throughout 18 different countries.

INAISE members demonstrate great diversity in origin, in organisational and legal form, in financial policies and in the financial techniques they use. They are joined, however, by their will to add value to society as a whole, by giving an ethical, social or environmental purpose to money, whilst ensuring the greatest transparency possible in handling this money.

Therefore, INAISE members do not fit into the traditional framework of financial institutions :

  • Their activities extend beyond the pure lending sphere. They also include donations, risk capital, guarantees, insurance and consultancy. Pure financial trading activities are not their objective;
  • Their activities go beyond anonymous and technical banking. They involve the depositor and the investor in the loan policy of the "bank" and have a critical attitude towards their own internal structure and working methods;
  • their financial appoach is "active". They stimulate entrepreneurial dynamism in areas of social decline. They associate creative forces in emerging markets which contribute to a more sustainable development. They stimulate new forms of social co-operation, encouraging individuals to get involved in their social and environmental context.

Since 1992, the network has created a permanent secretariat, whose offices are located in Brussels. The tasks of this secretariat, financed by the member s annual membership fees, are numerous and varied. They include :

  • representation of the network and what it stands for vis-a-vis official international organisations (the European Commission, World Bank, etc) and other organisations;
  • collection and dissemination of information on financial experience of the network and other relevant news;
  • collection, dissemination of information on European programmes and new directives that concern social finance;
  • editing of a Newsletter and an Express Bulletin (sent by fax);
  • constitution of a documentation centre containing information on INAISE organisations and similar investors, as well as on complementary subjects;
  • organisation of an annual international seminar on specific and current financial topics, serving as a catalyst for the exchange of information and the creation of collaboration links.

Topics of past seminars:

  • 1994 (Amsterdam): The role of social investors in the struggle against social exclusion;
  • 1995 (Birmingham): Developing social wealth, financing social enterprises.
  • 1996 (Venice): Financial strategies for Local Sustainability in a Global Economy


  • 1997 (Copenhagen): Financing Social Entrepreneurs: Towards an economy with a human face.

Contact address:
International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
Rue d'Arlon 40, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
tel (32-2) 234. 57. 97 / fax (32-2) 234. 57. 98

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