Information Design:
Lessons Learnt at GDRC

Hari Srinivas
Management Tools Series E-092. June 2015.

The Global Development Research Center is an independent policy think-tank that carries out initiatives in the spheres of environment, urban, community, economy and information, and at scales that are effective.
eveloping and implementing the activities of GDRC's 15 programmes are in itself an exercise in good (and not so good!) information design. These experiences have generated a number of lessons that were first shared on "Mosaic", GDRC's monthly newsletter. These are now presented below in a consolidated and easy-to-use manner.

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  • The Quest: So What??
  • Localization, Contextualization and/or Customization
  • Homogeneity and Heterogeneity
  • Hand-up, not Hand down
  • Cook Books v/s Nutrition Guides
  • Cities as Barometers of Progress
  • Info in Three Clicks
  • Education Research, and Practice
  • Observe ...
  • Hop, Skip, and Side-step
  • Eat an Elephant Bit by Bit
  • The Battle for Sustainability
  • Asking Questions
  • 1+1=11
  • Don't be Afraid ...
  • Info Design Strategy
  • The Info Design Cycle
  • Why GDRC?
  • The Two Ends of a Telescope: Zooming in and out
  • Lacks, Gaps, and Mismatches
  • Man-on-the-Street
  • Information Life Cycle
  • Not 1+2=3, but a+b=c
  • Cooking in an Microwave Oven
  • Jazz and Information Design
  • Information Literacy
  • The "left hand does not know what the right hand is doing" Syndrome
  • Problems-behind-problems (and solutions-for-solutions)
  • Meta Information [Information on Information]
  • Keeping the Forests and the Trees in View
  • Good Information Packaging
  • What, When, Where, Which, Why, Who, How, Whether
  • New Wine in Old Bottles
  • Making the 'A-ha' happen!
  • Bird in Hand and Two in the Bush
  • Jack of all Trades, and Master of Quite-a-Few
  • The 200-page Manual
  • Formatting Information (INFORMAT)
  • Shoulders of Giants
  • The Grandmother Syndrome
  • The Ultimate End-User: A Kid!
  • Another Man's Shoes
  • Think of the Big Picture
  • Intrapolation and Extrapolation

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