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Documents and NGO information related to UN conferences, summits and other events.

Recent international events, particularly those sponsored by the United Nations, have increasingly had 'alternate forums' organized for and by NGOs, with many of them integrated within the main events themselves. "NGO Wise Words" links users to various such conferences and events, highlighting their growing influence in international policy and programme making.

Wise Words

The Post-2015 Agendas
This section provides a framework for understanding the Post 2015 Development Agenda. When the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) ended in 2015, the international community came together once again, under the auspices of the United Nations, to formulate a development agenda for adoption beyond 2015. These agendas (which go beyond the SDGs themselves) became known as the "Post-2015 Agendas"

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The TRIALOGUE is a cross cutting feature that highlights the three conventions of climate change, biodiversity and desertification. It focuses on the roles and activities of NGOs.

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