Understanding and applying the concept of innovative communities, to achieve sustainable development
Outside Looking in:
External Stakeholders fostering
innovative communities

Hari Srinivas
Continuing Research Series E-121. July 2020

This slide show explores the need for external stakeholders to support and foster "innovative communities". The external stakeholders covered in the slides are: local governments, NGOs and NPOs, Universities and research institutions, Manufacturing industry, business and trade, and United Nations and international organizations.

Slide 1: Title slide

Slide 2: What are the components of a "communtiy"?

Slide 3: So what are innovative communities?

Slide 4: Exploring how external stakeholders foster innovativesness in communities

Slide 5: Why are external stakeholders needed?

Slide 6: Two-way flow of interactions

Slide 7: Components of interactions with external stakeholders

Slide 8: The need for different levels of analyses

Slide 9: Framework to understand the interaction between external stakeholders and innovative communities

Slide 10: External stakeholder - Local Governments

Slide 11: External stakeholder - NGOs/NPOs

Slide 12: External stakeholder - Universities and Research Institutions

Slide 13: External stakeholder - Manufacturing Industries

Slide 14: External stakeholder - Business and Trade

Slide 15: External stakeholder - UN and International Organizations

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