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Innovative communities are able to bring in new methods, ideas, etc. to improve their environment, and initiate changes through human intelligence and knowledge, especially of imaginative thought or artistic ability.

These pages have been created to help the leaders, managers and innovators in communities world-wide to successfully tackle the wide variety of challenges that they face, and turn it to the competitive advantage of their community and the region in which they are located.

Innovative Communities ... stimulate, nurture, develop and productively harness the inherent innovative qualities of its people to create sustainable lifestyles.

GDRC's research on Innovative Communities specifically focusses on innovativeness in communities to foster environmental management and sustainable development.

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Case Studies on Innovative Communities

The term 'innovative communities' was first put forth in a joint initiative of the United Nations University (in Tokyo, Japan) and the United Nations Environment Programme (in Osaka, Japan). Some of the resources presented in this page are drawn from the Initiative's initial work.

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