Environmental Education
Creating an environment to educate about the environment
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Core Themes of EE

  • 1. Lifelong learning

    The potential for learning about sustainability throughout one's life exists both within formal and nonformal educational settings.

  • 2. Interdisciplinary approaches

    Education for sustainability provides a unique theme to integrate content and issues across disciplines and curricula.

  • 3. Systems thinking

    Learning about sustainability offers an opportunity to develop and exercise integrated systems approaches.

  • 4. Partnerships

    Partnerships forged between educational institutions and the broader community are key to advancing education for sustainability.

  • 5. Multicultural perspectives

    Achieving sustainability is dependent upon an understanding of diverse cultural perspectives and approaches to problem solving.

  • 6. Empowerment

    Lifelong learning, interdisciplinary approaches, systems thinking, partnerships, and multicultural perspectives empower individuals and institutions to contribute to sustainability.

These underlying themes lay the foundation for a set of strategic actions and initiatives outlined in report, "Education for Sustainability: An Agenda for Action" This report was produced at a meeting held in San Francisco, California, in 1994.

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