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Urban Environmental Management
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Environmental Education
Creating an environment to educate about the environment

Hari Srinivas
Continuing Research Series E-027. June 2015.

United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2015)Implementation of every environmental policy, programme, project and plan comes down to the same common denominator - environmental education (EE). Effective timely and targeted EE lies at the core of operationalizing these paradigms, especially at the local level.

There has been a changing vocabulary in local environment management - from 'simple' concepts such as community participation, to expanded issues such as capacity building, informed consent, public choice, decision-making, awareness building, governance, decentralization, local autonomy, information disclosure ...

EE, therefore, is about understanding the causes and effects, of positive and negative aspects, of global and local issues, of immediate and long-term issues, and of direct and indirect impacts.

This theme pages explore the various dimensions of EE - essentially to create an environment to educate about the environment!

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