Principle 3
Enabling Systems

Principle 3
Enabling Systems:


The local government develops and implements the necessary measures to enable personnel to perform their functions consistent with regulatory requirements, agency environmental policies and its overall mission.


The local government ensures that personnel are fully trained to carry out the environmental responsibilities of their positions.

Comprehensive training is crucial to the success of any local governments' environmental activities. People need to know what they are expected to do and how they are expected to do it. A local government will be operating at the highest level when it has an established training program that provides instruction to all employees sufficient to perform the environmental aspects of their jobs, tracks training status and requirements, and offers refresher training on a periodic basis.

Structural Supports

The local government develops and implements procedures, standards, systems, programs, and objectives that enhance environmental performance and support positive achievement of environmental and mission goals.

Clear procedures, standards, systems, programs, and short- and long-term objectives must be in place for the local government to fulfill its vision of environmental responsibility. A streamlined set of procedures, standards, systems, programs, and goals that describe and support the local government's commitment to responsible environmental management and further the local government's mission demonstrate conformance with this principle.

Information Management, Communication, Documentation

The local government develops and implements systems that encourage efficient management of environmentally-related information, communication, and documentation.

Information management, communication, and documentation are necessary elements of an effective environmental management program. The need for advanced information management capabilities has grown significantly to keep pace with the volume of available information to be sifted, analyzed, and integrated. The ability to swiftly and efficiently digest data and respond to rapidly changing conditions can be key to the continued success of a local government.

Local governments adopting this principle have developed a sophisticated information gathering and dissemination system that supports tracking of performance through measurement and reporting. They also have an effective internal and external communication system that is used to keep the local government informed regarding issues of environmental concern and to maintain open and regular communication with regulatory authorities and the public. Those local governments operating at the highest level ensure that employees have access to necessary information and implement measures to encourage employees to voice concerns and suggestions.

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