Principle 4
Performance And Accountability

Principle 4
Performance And Accountability:


The local government develops measures to address employee environmental performance, and ensure full accountability of environmental functions.

Responsibility, Authority And Accountability

The local government ensures that personnel are assigned the necessary authority, accountability, and responsibilities to address environmental performance, and that employee input is solicited.

At all levels, those personnel designated as responsible for completing tasks must also receive the requisite authority to carry out those tasks, whether it be in requisitioning supplies or identifying the need for additional personnel. Similarly, employees must be held accountable for their environmental performance. Employee acceptance of accountability is improved when input is solicited. Encouraging employees to identify barriers to effective performance and to offer suggestions for improvement provides a feeling of teamwork and a sense that they control their own destiny, rather than having it imposed from above.

Performance Standards

The local government ensures that employee performance standards, efficiency ratings, or other accountability measures, are clearly defined to include environmental issues as appropriate, and that exceptional performance is recognized and rewarded.

Local governments that identify specific environmental performance measures (where appropriate), evaluate employee performance against those measures, and publicly recognize and reward employees for excellent environmental performance through a formal program demonstrate conformance with this principle.

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