Publications from the
Environmental Decision-Making Programme

- Mapping Stakeholder Relationships: An Analysis Tool for Effective Decision-Making
Policy Tools Series C-029.
- Introduction: Environmental Decision-Making
Concept Note Series E-001
- Environmental Decision-makng Criteria for Technology Selection
Policy Analysis Series E-188.
- Community Groups and Planning Action: The Need for Citizen's Participation in Decision Making
Case Study Series E-147
- Intrapolation and Extrapolation: The dilemma of Global Policy-Making
Policy Analysis Series E-133
- Sustainable Development Goals: Environmental Policy Patterns for Local Action
Policy Analysis Series E-107
- Information for Decision-making
Policy Analysis Series E-002.
- The Decision-Making Pyramid
Policy Analysis Series E-003.
- Skills for Environmental Decision Making
Policy Analysis Series E-004.
- To do or not to do: Facilitating Decision-Making for Sustainable Building and Construction
Management Tools Series E-005.
- GDRC and Environmental Decision-Making
Continuing Research Series E-006.
- A Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Building and Construction: The GET Matrix
Management Tools Series E-035 (from the GDRC Programme on Urban Environmental Management).
- Evaluating Programme Performance: The Lack-Gap-Mismatch Analysis Tool
Policy Analysis Series E-201.

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   Environmental Decision-Making