Publications from the
Oceans, Coasts and Small Islands Programme

-Enhancing Coral Ecosystems: The Role of Artificial Reefs
Case Study Series C-067
-Land-Sea Interfaces: A Lexicon of Coastal Ecosystems
Concept Note Series E-208
-The Blue Economy: Converging on the Waves
Policy Analysis Series E-183
-Message in a Bottle: Managing the World's Oceans
Policy Analysis Series E-131.
-The Environmental Primacy of Small Islands: Island Development Policies of Japan
Case Study Series E-010.
- Coastal Area Management: The CAM Continuum
Policy Analysis Series E-011.
- Importance of Community Networking to Preserve Rivers
Case Study Series E-012.
- Blue Carbon: The Role of Coastal Ecosystems in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Policy Analysis Series E-183
- 10 Things you need to know about Small Island Developing States
Concept Note Series E-013.
- Multilateral Agreements and Oceans
Continuing Research Series E-177.

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