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Sustainable and Green Businesses
Documents and Reports
Documents & Reports

Documents and reports on a wide variety of issues concerned with sustainable and green businesses, including principles, codes, and concepts.
GDRC Research Output
Sustainable Business: Sustainability is Good Business!
Concept Note Series E-119.

A Quick Introduction to Circular Economies
Concept Note Series E-131. February 2022.

Economic Instruments for Environmental Policy: Solving global environmental problems with local economic action
Policy Analysis Series E-190.

Environmentally-Sensitive Industrial Development: Policy Lessons Learnt from Ecotowns in Japan
Case Study Series E-138. April 2022.

Green Business Practices in Japan: Lessons for Countries Greening their Business Sector
Case Study Series E-075. May 2020.

The Role of Local Governments in Fostering Business Partnerships for Environmental Sustainability
Policy Analysis Series E-076. June 2015.

Sustainable Business Concepts: Going Green
Concept Note Series E-077. June 2015.

Sustainable and Eco Products and Services: A Database of Databases
Sourcebook Series E-078. June 2015.
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