About the GDRC:
Institutional Partners Programme

Current List of Institutional Partners

GDRC's Institutional Partners Programme has been operational since GDRC was set up in 2001. More than 40 Institutional Partners have participated in the programme since then, working on a wide variety of topics within the 15 programmes of GDRC.

With the revamping of the Institutional Partners programme in June-July 2006, the following individuals have participated as Partners:

[Currently there are 9 partners in GDRC's rosters. Institutional Partners normally collaborate for a period of two years. Please send corrections and updates to hsrinivas@gdrc.org]

Name Country GDRC Programme
assaciation des jeunes pour la recherche du developpement (A.J.R.D) Congo Microfinance
Institute for Migration and Development Issues Philippines Microfinance
New Age Forum Nigeria Knowledge Management
People's Association for Research and Development India Microfinance
Research Quality Institute Peru Sustainable Development
Center for Population and Development Nepal Gender and Development
Sahid Laxman Jubak Sangh India Sustainable Development
Relief International-Schools Online Bangladesh Internet and ICTs
Amity India Oceans, Coasts and Small Islands