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Institutional Partners Programme

The Global Development Research Center is a virtual organization that carries out initiatives in education, research and practices, in the spheres of environment, urban, community and information, and at scales that are effective.

Current list of
GDRC Institutional Partners

The Institutional Partners Programme of GDRC enables collaboration between organizations to strategize and inspire action. Partnerships pay particular attention to capacity building exercises (including education and training), and information management issues. Collaborative links cover research activities; policy, programme, project and plan development; education; and training-support. GDRC makes every effort to collaborate with existing and related initiatives to avoid duplication and overlap.

Examples of collaborative activities:
Building policy and strategy documents
Preparing training and capacity building materials
Creating information campaign kits
Developing background papers
Publicizing and disseminating outputs
Assisting in finding other partners

Collaborations can take place with international organizations, including those within the UN System; with governmental organizations (including Ministries, Local Governments, universities and research institutions, etc.) with non-governmental organizations (those with international and local programmes), and with individual professionals and researchers seeking to develop new skills and knowledge.

In principle, Institutional Partners remain with GDRC for a period of two years. This can, however, be shortened or extended by mutual consent.

Please ntoe that GDRC programmes are developed and implemented entirely on a voluntary basis. It does not receive any funding for any of its activities. Hence, as a matter of policy, GDRC does not provide any financial support to its Institutional Partners as well.

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Environmental Decision Making
Sustainable Development
Oceans, Coasts and Small Islands
Urban Environmental Management
Urban Governance
Urban Heritage and Conservation
NGOs and Civil Society
Gender and Development
Informal Sector
Technology Transfer
Sustainable Businesses
Internet and ICTs
Knowledge Management
Information Design
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