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Understanding and applying the concept of innovative communities, to achieve sustainable development
Sustainable Development: Innovative Communities
The Four Visions of an Innovative Community

There are four essential visions in the innovative communities approach:

  1. Building on people's energy and creativity at all levels, requiring empowerment and building the capacity of people in households and communities to take action, and applying technologies that respond to actual needs.
  2. Holistic approach, acknowledging basic human needs, and relating it to human development, the elimination of poverty, environmental sustainability and the integrated management of environmental resources.
  3. Committed and compassionate leadership and good governance , changing long-accustomed roles, leading to new responsibilities of authorities and institutions to support households and communities in the management of their local environment, and in being accountable to users as clients.
  4. Synergy among all partners, encouraging shared commitment among users, politicians and professionals; requiring people within the community to combine technical expertise with an ability to work with users and politicians and with other related sectors.

What can an Innovative Community do?

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