The GRDC Research Programme on Sustainable Development
So what do we do with the sustainability concept, especially at the local level? What should we all be doing?
The term 'Sustainable Development' has been used and misused in a variety of ways by different groups and entities - that there is a constant need to rethink its basic meaning, and adopt it to different situations and scales. [ more ... ]


Highlights of GDRC Research
- Environmental Education and Universities in Japan: ISO14001 and EMS as a Catalyzing Force
Policy Analysis Series E-134. March 2022
- Outside Looking in: External Stakeholders fostering innovative communities [Slideshow]
Continuing Research Series E-121.
- The Seven Triads of Sustainability
Concept Note Series E-007.
- Sustainable Development Concepts
Concept Note Series E-008.
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      • UN Decade of Education for Sustainablity
• UN Decade on Biodiversity

What is GDRC doing now?
  Currently, GDRC is focussing on enhancing and packaging its contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and the broader 2030 agendas. It particularly looks at the role of education and policy-making in promoting sustainable development.

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  •  NGOs and Civil Society
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uch of our work on sustainable development in the future will be guided by the Sustainable Development Goals.

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There is very little we can do for sustainable development, unless it is coupled with poverty alleviation

GDRC supports the SDGs

Important international days related to sustainability celebrated worldwide:
• 22 May: Biodiversity Day

• 11 Jul: Population Day
• 8 Sept: Literacy Day

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