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Understanding and applying the concept of innovative communities, to achieve sustainable development
Sustainable Development: Innovative Communities
Bringing "Innovativeness"
and "Community" together

The idea of "Innovative Communities" brings together two key concepts: innovativeness and the community dimension within the overall orbit of environmental management In managing the local environment, 'innovativeness' is among other things the capacity to understand and analyze problems; partnering to bring in different resources (internal as well as external) and adapt it to the local context; involvement and active participation of all relevant stakeholders; respecting history and culture of the local area/region to find new solutions; etc.

The all encompassing term 'community' is used in different contexts for different meanings here, it is simply a group of people, coming together for internal purposes (as opposed to those created by local governments or NGOs). It is bound together by an issue or feature that can be geographic (same street, city ward, or settlement); social (a disaster, culture, religion, gender, age or art); economic (microfinance, workplace etc.). It is not necessarily a formal organization or may not be registered as an NGO.

Bringing 'innovativeness' and 'community' together creates a comprehensive picture for local environmental management that

  • understands the natural and man-made resources held by the community within its local environs and looks as itself as a part of local ecosystems
  • has high knowledge intellectual capacity and awareness of the local environment within the community. It encourages and respects diversity within the homogeneity of the community
  • develops a strong identity and clear forward-looking visions. It is able to reflect and articulate the desires, needs and wishes of the community.
  • initiates and sustains political dialogue at the city, state, national and international levels.

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