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About the Programme

Being the third leg supporting developmentat the local level (along with local governments and civil society entities) business and industry is the focus of this programme - particularly on how it can contribute to long-term sustainability.

The Sustainable Business programme takes its genesis from the ongoing paradigm shift from curative and remedial solutions to preventive and management solutions, encompasing pollution prevention, LCA/material flows, industrial symbiosis, consumer education and related issues


sustainability, corporate sustainability reporting, SMEs, eco-efficiency, leadership, green business, eco-products, recycling, eco-labels, EMAS, EMS, ISO 14001, pollution, waste management, technology

Currently, GDRC is focussing on support services and programmes that local governments can implement to enable companies to be more sustainable (for example, by creating 'eco-towns').

It also covers a number of themes including: Green Business Practices in Japan, SMEs and the Environment, Sustainable Business Concepts - Going Green, etc.

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