The GRDC Research Programme on Urban Governance
So what is needed for good governance at the local level - considering that most problems, conflicts and risks have a strong local dimension?


imply put, governance is the science of decision-making. The concept of governance refers to the complex set of values, norms, processes, and institutions by which society manages its development and resolves conflict, formally and informally. It involves the state, but also the civil society at the local, national, regional and global levels.

The objective of this programme is to explore the attributes of governance systems that will help us manage our cities better, and better face the challenges of fast growing cities.

Governance at the Community Level Documents and Reports on Governance Programmes and Institutions working on Governance Mediation, Risk and Conflict in Governance What, indeed, is Governance??

Highlights of GDRC Research
GDRC Docs Smart Cities for Sustainable Development: A Policy Framework for Developing Countries
Policy Analysis Series E-122
Urban Governance - Need of the Day
Concept Note Series E-045.
Conflict Resolution in the Family: Observations from a Simulation Game
Management Tools Series E-046.

What is GDRC doing now?
; Currently, GDRC is exploring the enabling of good governance by the concept of smart cities and technologies, as well as the core issues of accessibility, accountability and transparency.

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  • Urban Environmental Management
  • Urban Heritage and Conservation

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But why do we need better governance of cities at all? What makes cities important? Urban governance needs to be seen as a function of accessibility, transparency, accountability and efficiency.

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