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■  Waste management continues to be an increasignly complex challenge at the local level that has huge implications on global enviromental problems. A GDRC publication from 2015 emtitled, "An Urban Waste Management Continuum: From Disposal to Minimization" was expanded and updated in March this year.
@gdrcdotorg - 20 March 2023

■  We spend more than 80 percent of our time indoors - whether living or working. With energy costs of buildings dominated by air conditioning, fans and other mechanical systems that cool buildings, renewed interest is being paid to the concept of "passive" cooling, especially traditional/vernacular ideas that suit the unique conditions in the tropics. GDRC presents Environmentally Sensitive Buildings in the Tropics: Design Ideas for Passive Cooling in the Urban Environmentl Management pages.
@gdrcdotorg - 2 January 2023

■  Happy New Year! In this year of the Rabbit - 2023, allow us here at GDRC to wish for you, a
abundant, attractive, beautiful, blessed, bountiful, brave, bright, challenging, charming, cheerful, confident, creative, dreamy, efficient, encouraging, energetic, enthusiastic, excellent, exquisite, fascinating, flawless, fortunate, fulfilling, funny, gracious, healthy, humorous, inspirational, interesting, joyous, lively, loving, lucky, merry, magnificent, passionate, perfect, pleasing, powerful, productive, prosperous, progressive, pure, relaxing, rich, romantic, secure, sensible, special, spectacular, stellar, strong, successful, super, supportive, triumphant, valuable, warm, winning, and wonderful 2022!
Cheers and best wishes!!

@gdrcdotorg - 1 January 2023

Recent publications from the GDRC (2023)

Technology Ecosystems and the SDGs
   Policy Analysis Series E-193. April 2023.
   GDRC progranne: Technology Management

Channeling Microfinance for the SDGs: Small solutions to Big Problems
   Policy Analysis Series E-192. April 2023
   GDRC progranne: Microcredit and Microfinance

Environmentally Sensitive Buildings in the Tropics: Design Ideas for Passive Cooling
   Emerging Trends Series E-191. March 2023.
   GDRC progranne: Urban Environmental Management

Diversity and Homogeneity: Fostering Innovativeness in Local Environmental Management
   Concept Note Series E-173. March 2023
   GDRC progranne: Urban Environmental Management
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: The EDI Concept in the Context of Peace
   Viewpoint Series E-190. February 2023.
   GDRC progranne: Sustainable Development

Economic Instruments for Environmental Policy: Solving global environmental problems with local economic action
   Policy Analysis Series E-190. February 2023.
   GDRC progranne: Sustainable Business

MEAs and Local Governments: Urban Areas at the Forefront of Environmental Change
   Continuing Research Series E-176. January 2023
   GDRC progranne: Urban Environmental Management

Knowledge Management is Asking Questions
   Viewpoint Series E-185. January 2023
   GDRC progranne: Knowledge Management

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