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■  The setting of the ISO 14001 standard brought urban EMS to the fore and was increasingly applied at the city/urban level. GDRC has been working on this theme since 1996, and the project pages in the UEM programme was enhanced and updated recently.
@gdrcdotorg - 22 August 2022

■  Before the advent of today's ubiquitous internet cafés, threre were (and still are, in many places) " telecenters." The ICTs for Development programme of GDRC has initiated work to revisit this concept and its relevance today, particularly in low-income developing communities and regions.
@gdrcdotorg - 5 August 2022

■  The July issue of GDRC's newsletter, Mosaic, was uploaded
@gdrcdotorg - 23 July 2022

■  A "blue economy" is the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth. It aims to foster improved livelihoods and maintain marine ecosystems. Some of the blue economy issues are related to energy, food, transport, waste, tourism and climate change. GDRC's Oceans, Coasts and Small Islands programme has commenced policy research on this very interesting theme.
@gdrcdotorg - 28 June 2022

■  Stokholm+50 takes place on 2-3 June 2022. GDRC contributed a short think piece for the Stakeholder Forum processes on "A Rights-based Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction"
@gdrcdotorg - 1 June 2022

■  Developing and implementing the activities of GDRC's 15 research programmes are in itself an exercise in good (and not so good!) information design. The experience has generated a number of lessons that have now been consolidated and presented in an easy-to-read list.
@gdrcdotorg - 23 May 2022

■  The May issue of GDRC's newsletter, Mosaic, was uploaded
@gdrcdotorg - 4 May 2022

■  In light of the COVID pandemic and recent focus on urban sustainability, should we be revisiting the concept of "compact cities"? GDRC is currently researching this topic, including the idea of 15-minute neighbourhoods.
@gdrcdotorg - 4 May 2022

■  The April issue of GDRC's newsletter, Mosaic, was uploaded
@gdrcdotorg - 26 April 2022

■  There are intrinsic interlinkages between environmental problems and risks from disasters. A disaster event is, after all, an indicator that something is not right with our environment ... GDRC continues its work on this theme with new publications and outputs.
@gdrcdotorg - 2 April 2022

■  The March issue of GDRC's newsletter, Mosaic, was uploaded
@gdrcdotorg - 27 March 2022

■  The February issue of GDRC's newsletter, Mosaic, was uploaded
@gdrcdotorg - 28 February 2022

■  GDRC's Sustainable Development research programme has commenced work on two new themes: Health and Peace. Both themes will be portals to GDRC's work within its 15 programmes.
@gdrcdotorg - 20 February 2022

■  The Sustainable Business research programme launches its flagship magazine on Circular Economy [via Flipboard]
@gdrcdotorg - 10 February 2022

■  The January issue of GDRC's newsletter, Mosaic, was uploaded
@gdrcdotorg - 30 January 2022

■  Happy New Year! In this year of the Tiger, allow us here at GDRC to wish for you, a
abundant, attractive, beautiful, blessed, bountiful, brave, bright, challenging, charming, cheerful, confident, creative, dreamy, efficient, encouraging, energetic, enthusiastic, excellent, exquisite, fascinating, flawless, fortunate, fulfilling, funny, gracious, healthy, humorous, inspirational, interesting, joyous, lively, loving, lucky, merry, magnificent, passionate, perfect, pleasing, powerful, productive, prosperous, progressive, pure, relaxing, rich, romantic, secure, sensible, special, spectacular, stellar, strong, successful, super, supportive, triumphant, valuable, warm, winning, and wonderful 2022!
Cheers and best wishes!!

@gdrcdotorg - 1 January 2022

Recent publications from the GDRC (2022)

ICTs for Development:Understanding the Potentials and Pitfalls
   Concept Note Series E-165. September 2022.
   GDRC progranne: ICTs for Development

Urban EMS in Japan: The ISO 14001 Initiatives of Public Authorities in Japan
   Case Study Series E-166. September 2022
   GDRC progranne: Urban Environmental Management

Community Groups and Planning Action: The Need for Citizen's Participation in Decision Making
   Case Study Series E-147. August 2022
   GDRC progranne: Environmental Decision Making

Conservation and Preservation in Planning Processes: Historical Districts of Kyoto, Japan
   Case Study Series E-164. August 202
   GDRC progranne: Urban Heritage and Conservation

Rethinking Port Areas: Minato Mirai 21 in Yokohama, Japan
   Case Study Series E-162. July 2022
   GDRC progranne: Urban Environmental Management

Urban Planning and Development: A Japanese Flavour
   Case Study Series E-145. July 2022.
   GDRC progranne: The NGO Café

Building Professionalism in NGOs/NPOs: Key Issues for Capacity Building
   Concept Note Series E-140. June 2022.
   GDRC progranne: The NGO Café

Cities as Sustainable Ecosystems: Issues for Urban Environmental Management
   Concept Note Series E-143. June 2022
   GDRC progranne: Urban Environmental Management

Microcredit in Developing Countries: The Facilitative Roles of NGOs
   Policy Analysis Series E-137. May 2022
   GDRC progranne: Microcredit

Intrapolation and Extrapolation: The dilemma of Global Policy-Making
   Policy Analysis Series E-133. May 2022
   GDRC progranne: Environmental Decision-Making

Environmental Vulnerability and Disaster Risk Reduction
   Concept Note Series E-139. April 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Urban Environmental Management

Environmentally-Sensitive Industrial Development: Policy Lessons Learnt from Ecotowns in Japan
   Case Study Series E-138. April 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Sustainable Business

Technologies for the SDGs: Focus on Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs)
   Policy Analysis Series E-132. March 2022.
   GDRC progrannes: Technology Management

Environmental Education and Universities in Japan: ISO14001 and EMS as a Catalyzing Force
   Policy Analysis Series E-134. March 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Sustainable Development

A Quick Introduction to Circular Economies
   Concept Note Series E-131. February 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Sustainable Business

Gender and E-Waste: Policy Considerations for Developing Countries
   Policy Analysis Series E-124. February 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Gender and Development

The Environmental Primacy of Small Islands: Island Development Policies of Japan
   Case Study Series E-010. January 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Oceans, Coasts and Small Islands

Message in a Bottle: Managing the World's Oceans
   Policy Analysis Series E-131. January 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Oceans, Coasts and Small Islands

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