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About the Programme

The concept of governance refers to the complex set of values, norms, processes, and institutions by which society manages its development and resolves conflict, formally and informally. It involves the state, but also the civil society at the local, national, regional and global levels.

The GDRC programme on Urban Governance looks at the issues of accessibility, accountability, transparency and efficiency within the governance orbits of a city/urban area.

It looks at issues such as poverty, leadership etc. and its links to urban governance.


governance, accessibility, accountability, transparency, efficiency, city, cities, urban, leadership, mediation, risk, conflict

Currently, GDRC is looking at cities as "sustainable ecosystems". In order to reduce their ecological footprint, there are a number of step that urban residents need to take - to aim for a closed-loop recycling society.

It covers a number of themes including:

Gender Issues and Urban Governance, Leadership and Governance, Precautionary Principle,
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