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eace is a state of the human society that is achieved through broad well-being and absence of conflict. Like sustainability itself, GDRC embeds this conceptual meaning into its various programmes and projects/features.

The theme of Peace is therefore an underlying objective that runs through all policy research that GDRC does, in achieving a peaceful society through economic, social and environmental means.

As such, this page serves as a portal highlighting these related programmes within GDRC.

The two sides of the peace coin essentially focus on well-being and contentment, and on absence of conflict. GDRC's programmes intrinsically look at peace more as an outcome of well-being and contentment, than on the absence of conflict (acknowledging, of course, that both are equally important!).

  • Economic development
  • Good Governance
  • Access to education
  • Income generation, jobs and skills
  • Poverty reduction
  • Healthy communities
  • Multiculturalism
  • Disarmament and cessation of hostilities
  • Climate change and access to natural resources
  • Political leadership
  • Natural disaster risk reduction
  • Environmental degradation
GDRC looks at peace as a function of
Consensus, Coordination and Cooperation

Did you know? 21 September is celebrated worldwide as International Day of Peace

SDG16 for Pdace
GDRC supports SDG #16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

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In a broader sense, peace is absence of "problems". But a society without problems is impossible. By nature, humans create problems. Or simply cannot solve them.
Peace is an oxymoron.

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