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GDRC aims to help users define their professional boundaries within a larger developmental process. This is done by facilitating the customization, contextualization, and localization of available information.

Information (and the environment within which that information exists) being provided to the user should enable the user to -

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  1. localize it - i.e. scale it down to the level that it will be used.
  2. contextualize it - i.e. link it to the situation that in which it will be used
  3. customize it - i.e. manage it to satisfy the need for such information
... in essence, adding a layer of information to knowledge already possessed by the user. This is why most of GDRC's outputs are in the form of short documents that are less than 10 pages each, many simply a check list of issues, statistics or a definition.

The issues of information presentation and dissemination are themselves actively studied and pursued in the GDRC Learning Lab. In particular, many of the lessons learnt in developing GDRC's publications and research outputs are crystallized in a series of short write-ups developed as a part of the GDRC Programme on information design.

The publications produced by GDRC are also largely influenced by its Capacity Building Policy, which outlines how and to whom the information is developed and delivered.

Each programme page has a "GDRC Research Output" box that contains links to documents or a collection of documents prepared by that programme.

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