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Man-on-the-street Strategies

Ultimately, for effective environmental action, it is vital to filter global environmental problems to the local level, to the level of the man-on-the-street, in order to ensure real impacts and change. Some of these strategies to target the man-on-the-street, and to 'package' the message at that level include:
  • Create links between short-term local actions and its long-term global effects/impacts
  • Build scenarios and forecasts - both good and bad
  • Make people scared! This is critical for lifestyle changes
  • Provide detailed numbers/statistics, but in an easily understandable way, including the implications of that data.
  • Give information samples that is directly related to the individual, and at that level (not at the level of the city or the nation)/
  • Paint pictures and visions, again at the individual level, so that it is easily understood and achieveable. Tell people what is happening.
  • Build networks and share information. Provide an opportunity for more interaction and participation to take place.

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