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Info Delivery: Step-by-Step

A simple dissemination package - when attempting to 'sell' a message, an organization or an idea, what are the issues to be kept in mind? How can information delivery be designed, step-by-step?

  • The Message
    What is the message that is being disseminated? In what format has it been presented? Is it appropriate to the user or level of dissemination?

  • The Medium
    What medium is being used to disseminate the message? What means of online and offline events, publications or other means, are being identified as the medium of dissemination?

  • The Material
    Through what media or format is the information being packaged and disseminated (both print and electronic)?

  • The Target
    Who are the indended target audience for the message? Is the information being procided useful for them? How are the target being identified? Are they individuals or organizations? Is the message appropriately being modified for the purpose?

  • The Activity
    When should the dissemination actually take place? Where? This is critical in ensuring that the indended target receives the information.

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