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January 2022
Welcome to another edition of GDRC's Newsletter, MOSAIC! The newsletter highlights GDRC's work for the month related to its 15 research programms. Each month's newsletter is uploaded at the end of the month.
This month's highlight
Highlightihg a theme that GDRC is currently working on
The FEWW Nexus:
From an urban perspective, environmental management is a complex policy mix that requires the connection and coordination between a number of issues and the urban entities responsible for those issues. Nowhere is this more true than the nexus between food, energy, water and waste - four key resources that ultimately define Much of a city's lifestyles and consequent environmental problems.

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@ GDRC's Urban Environmental Management programme
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Publications and reprots produced this month
BooksGDRC aims to help users define their professional boundaries within a larger developmental process. This is done by facilitating the customization, contextualization, and localization of available information.
The Environmental Primacy of Small Islands: Island Development Policies of Japan
   Case Study Series E-010. January 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Oceans, Coasts and Small Islands

Message in a Bottle: Managing the World's Oceans
   Policy Analysis Series E-131. January 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Oceans, Coasts and Small Islands

Alphabetical listing of GDRC's work themes
This month's random alphabet, is R. Among the programme themes and projects handled by GDRC under "R" include:

■  Rainwater Harvesting: Harvesting, Conserving and Managing Rainwater.
What is Rain water harvesting? Simply put, rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and storage of rainwater for consumption and other domestic use, or for irrigation and ground water recharge. It involves collecting rainwater from natural surfaces or rooftops, and using the collected precipitation for various purposes.

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International Days this month
This month's international days and observances
In January, the world community celebrates:
• 4 World Braille Day
• 24 International Day of Education
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