The GDRC Programme on Technology Management
So what do we do with technologies, both hard and soft? Where does it fit in the sustainability framework at the local level?
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In this GDRC programme, "Technology" is taken to mean not only machines and equipment, but also the skills, abilities, knowledge, systems and processes necessary to make things happen ... thus technologies are meant to be total systems that include know-how, procedures, goods and services, as well as organizational and operational measures.

"Technology Management" is actually a structural process of learning. The key components of management can be identified as knowledge derived from real-world experience together with human expertise capable of transforming that knowledge into action.

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Highlights of GDRC Research
Introduction - Technology and Environment
Policy Analysis Series E-071.
Technology Ecosystems and the SDGs
Policy Analysis Series E-193. April 2023.
Technologies for the SDGs: Focus on Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs)
Concept Note Series E-132.
Creating an Environment for Environmental Technology
Policy Analysis Series E-072.

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What is GDRC doing now?
  Currently, GDRC is focussing on capacities for the public and private sectors, to assess technologies within a sustainable development framework. It is also exploring the technology ecosystems that will assist in promoting and deploying environmentally sound technologies (ESTs).

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   ■ Gender and Development: Towards a Gender Analysis Framework to assist the application, adoption and use of Environmentally Sound Technologies

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Technological solutions will be at the core of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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